The Lidless Eye and the Yo Yo Dance of Butch Napolitano….(Great Rant!!)

Sunday, July 14, 2013
By Paul Martin
Saturday, July 13, 2013

Submerged, below the sensors of The Lidless Eye, seeing in all directions from atop the pyramid, indifferent to the dictates of conscience, impartially contemptuous of all life, driven by one imperative and that is, the power to control and to rule without resistance, no matter how draconian or twisted may be the edicts of the scepter.

The arrogance of power, unaffected by any natural or necessary restraints is a heady brew. It makes them stagger off course and filled with bombast and self importance, it compels them to strut, fret and play the fool for their hour upon the stage. Had they the necessary restraints and attendant capacity for insight, they would have never exposed themselves as they’ve done. Doing this, prancing about in untouchable self importance, with the flawed presumption that they are too powerful to be touched; too big to die or be torn apart by an angry mob, this juvenile personality disorder, is the gateway to perdition… is the genesis of evil destroying itself. It is an unavoidable part of an ageless dynamic. It is hidden from the view of those who harbor fear and various degrees of iniquity and who conspire with the directives and intentions of what motivates The Lidless Eye.

And so… submerged below the sensors, there is the humming of slowly awakening minds, rising in frequency, as they contemplate the Snowden Factor and what it might mean for them. They consider the recognition; the money from the book and film rights, the aura of celebrity, the talk show circuit and some of them, possibly, even consider the good it might do for humanity, this irrevocable act, this blow against The Empire. Everywhere in the halls of power this possibility is under consideration.

Part of The Awakening, already in progress, is the creeping awareness of personal guilt, for things seen and tolerated, for things done, ostensibly for God and Country. However, the only God involved in any part of the process is The Witness, the Silent Watcher, the recording secretary of the cosmos. This is not to say that mysterious motivations are not afoot. Sometimes what we think are our reasons for anything, are irrelevant to the truth of what activates us. Sometimes things happen without our knowing why they occur, or we think we know but we don’t know. Very often, we think we know. This gives us the confidence to go on any way we feel like it. It is attended by glib, self serving rationalizations and the perversion of logic, in support of pretty much anything one might be forced to do, in the defense of a paycheck, in the pursuit of upward mobility, in the incremental acquisition of power; the power to do things and get away with them. It is a heady brew, fermented with poisonous hops, like the arsenic in Morning Glory seeds that casts a darkness over the trip, that adds a grim hue to the hallucinations.

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