Time Magazine: Cops Preparing For Pro-Trayvon Riots Is Racist

Thursday, July 11, 2013
By Paul Martin

Author fails to acknowledge deluge of Twitter threats

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
July 11, 2013

Time Magazine writer Marc W. Polite argues that despite a deluge of Twitter messages from Trayvon Martin supporters threatening to riot if George Zimmerman is acquitted, police preparations for potential unrest are based on little more than racism.

In an article entitled Preparing for Riots After Zimmerman Verdict Is Racial Fear Mongering, Polite states that the “pre-emptive call for calm (by police) runs counter to recent history, and may be akin to racial fear mongering” as part of an, “assumption of violence on the part of the black community, and of black men.”

Nowhere in his piece does Polite mention the plethora of threats made by Trayvon Martin supporters, primarily made on Twitter, that brazenly promise riots, looting, attacks on white people, and murder attempts on Zimmerman if he is found not guilty.

“No one seems to be concerned about the possible violence of Zimmerman supporters if Zimmerman is convicted,” adds Polite, failing to acknowledge that unlike Trayvon supporters, thousands of Zimmerman backers have not took to social media networks to openly announce their plans to riot if they don’t like the verdict.

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