World Economic Collapse Explained in 3 Minutes

Wednesday, July 10, 2013
By Paul Martin
July 10th, 2013

Do market conditions in the world justify the present stock market? I think not. It is just more betting on an expanding bubble like it will not burst on their bet. The EU nations are in the longest recession in their history and there is no end in sight. Japan is in recession and has not had any growth in almost two decades. Greece has 30 percent unemployment and they burned city trees last winter for heat. Riots are inevitable. Spain, France and Italy and others are not far behind and fascism is rising in many EU nations.

Japan had the highest savings rate and also has the worst national debt burden is the world. The population is rapidly aging so now the elderly will tap into savings and banks will fail or buy-in’s will rob savers to bail out the banks like what happened in Cyprus. Japan has not seen any growth in nearly two decades and it is recession once again. The solution the Japaneese came up with in 2013 to get them out of stagnation is to aggressively print money. That will just destroy the value of the Yen and it could start a currency race to the bottom with reserve banks of other nations that will do likewise in order to protect exports and jobs.

The expansion in China is in trouble. They are very near recession. They are overbuilt and the unemployed of the world cannot afford to keep buying their goods. Nations know they need to protect their own jobs or there will be great social unrest. Therefore, there is great pressure to do something about the cheap exports coming from China. Further, this over building by China is built on borrowing and that is likely to put them into crisis when builders cannot borrow more money to keep the job’s expansion going. China does not have social welfare safety net programs like the West. China needs to keep the people in the cities employed or there will be riots and social breakdown if there is a recession.

Argentina has high inflation and once again it is on its way to default, but who in the world wants to bail them out again?

In the U.S. we cannot keep living like we have twice the income that we really have. Just trying to throw more money at the problem like our government has been doing will just make matters worse in the long run because this nation cannot afford to take on more debt. Passing the costs of this downturn to some future generation is simply not possible. No future generation can possibly pay this huge rapidly increasing debt and soon nobody will be stupid enough to continue to finance our increasingly risky debt at the abnormally low interest rates that came about by illegal actions of the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve Bank created 4 trillions dollars to buy most of our new recent national debt and mortagage debt with money that they created and that nobody will buy in the future. It is a Ponzi scheme.

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