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Wednesday, July 10, 2013
By Paul Martin

Jul 10, 2013

What do snakes and western banksters have in common? Simple they are both venomous, crawl on their bellies, and are a danger to human life where ever they go. What do banksters do when facing incredible never before unemployment rates where only 47% of American adults have a full time job? Simple they lie about. What do they do when the GDP is in free fall? Lie. When Precious metals pricing are being smashed? Lie and scream with corporate media talking heads that PM are in a bubble!!! When they themselves have blown the biggest bubble in history!!!

Folks there comes a time when liars have to give account of their lying. That inevitable truth will be laid bare for the world to see and Gold will be the task master that will bring the bankster charade to an end.

Ask your self why is it that banksters view gold amongst themselves as currency but when you the “useless eaters” buy it they want you to believe that it is a commodity? Funny isn’t it?Double standard is an understatement.

The other day we were alerted to the fact that at the metals starved LMBA the GOFO rate (Gold Forward Offered Rate) has been in the sharp negatives never seen since the collapse of Lehman Bros and the downing of the US market back in 08. A sharp negative downturn in GOFO shows demand in gold while a sharp positive shows demand in dollars. Interesting that in spite of the detractors screaming gold is in a bubble, that the dollar is strong what you see in the LMBA is an indication what is really happening on the street and in board rooms around the world. NO ONE WANTS THE DOLLAR!!!! Everyone is buying GOLD!!!

I have received info from sources deep in India who have a finger to the pulse of what is going on over there. Folks in lieu of government restrictions on Gold, tariffs, and premiums, the black market that has emerged in India is consuming the yellow metal at a feverish clip. Month over month we have seen a ten fold increase in the Indian black market. From about 7.42 Core Rupees to 65 Core Rupees . Meaning they have move from $1.5 million USD to over $12 million USD!!!!

Folks the Bengal Tiger this year is on track to consume over 10,000 MT of gold this year from my top sources!!!!!! That means India and China will take 100% of all mineable gold!!!!! Keep in mind that some in the sub-continent are buying gold at over $2000 USD per oz!!!!

The banksters are facing the same problem with the Dragon. The Chinese gold market just like their shadow banking has been off limits to the western banksters. Though they pull the wool over the American and Europeans eyes, their parlor tricks in paper have not worked in the Asian PM markets. China is still buying and will exceed over 10,000 MT before the year is out.

The Bear has been following the leads of the Dragon and the Tiger and are also buying gold like it is going out of style. The Russians understand that gold is a major hedge and a very important bargaining chip in a post dollar world.Russian will clip about 7000 MT this year!!!!

Folks add this all up and we are seeing massive moves in the precious metals in an already tight supply line. I would urge that if you have not done so already to read my alert “Eat My Shorts” to get a clear idea of what the bullion banks are about to do as well that will further put a squeeze on the supply lines in the PM markets.

The inevitable truth that will put these banksters lies to rest will be the empty cupboards of those who sell Gold jewelry, coins and bars.

Happy Buying.


The Guerrilla Economist

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