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Tuesday, July 9, 2013
By Paul Martin

Jul 8, 2013

My goodness what a weekend. As I celebrated with mourning this 4th of July the death of a nation that I so loved and the destruction of the finest economy in the world. I marveled at the fast moving train wreck that is the US as well as Global stock market.

Folks we are witnessing a massive bond sell off that I have warned about months ago. The hair trigger has been pulled by the fund managers as they try to get out of the debt bomb called the Dollar.

Close to a $100 Billion in bonds have been sold off last month with big boys like PIMCO leading the fray. Now the fund managers at the Too Pig To Fail banks are getting real nervous. They sense a sinking ship in the water and the sharks are beginning to gather, should they abandon ship and swim to the safety of the commodities shore? Or hope that the SS Federal Reserve will come to the rescue with another round of bond buying on steroids? Folks the bond market is a hair trigger away from collapse with the lunatics in Japan leading the way. I believe what will happen is that the new found cooperation among central bankers, will cause them all to begin buying US bonds at an alarming rate. After all if the bond market which is twice the size of the stock market goes down the world in itself will be in a meltdown.

We are also witnessing massive shortages of Gold and Silver, though the paper markets are suppressed and beaten, the physical market continues to move ahead leaving the paper market in shame and dislocation. No one is believing the charades of the western bankers, their sins and wretchedness is laid out for all to see. We are hearing reports now that LMBA is having shortages as well as delays on delivery. These reports state up to one hundred days of waiting for clients. Unprecedented.

The con game is also being recognized in the east as every market seems to be reeling except the toxic debt addled Japanese. The other day some markets like the SENSEX and Shanghi were down as much as 300 points while the Japanese finished on the up and up. Again this makes no sense other than the fact what you have is an economy that is sustained by a central bank working in collusion with a government as well as insider financial institutions. You see this not only in Japan but the model of this is the UK followed by the US and EU. So where in this so called free world is there a free market? Right, there is none, cronyism rules the day and the average Joe is left once again holding the bag.

Folks, I will tell you this, take it for what it is worth. I had a vision early morning about 3am or so. In it I have seen black DHS armored vehicles, chaos in the streets, riots, images of gas stations shut down, those that were open were selling gas at $15 a gallon. I saw images of vultures and crows the masses of which looked liked a mass migration all over NYC. Then I heard a voice speak to me…..It said “What do you think all of this is for?” referring to the images, then the voice (which i know is God) said “90 days.”

All day I have been feeling very disconnected, the saying stranger in a strange land never felt more appropriate. I went about a very busy day today, all the numbers from wall street was a blur, it meant nothing really. I mean what does it mean when you know for a FACT that it is all fake, it is a sham, that it will end very soon. We all need to pray.

Continue to watch the bond market. The ups and downs of the dollar and Japanese Nikkei mean nothing. How can I watch a magic show and be wowed when I know the magicians tricks. Folks it is with a heavy heart that I tell you these cheap magicians have no more tricks to play, they are going to end this very soon. I sense it now more than ever. The heat of the summer will be the last things on the minds of those who are about to partake and witness the greatest market upheaval in history.

Please pray that God would grant us a little more time to prepare. “V”
The Guerrilla Economist

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