The Central Banksters Blew The Bubble On Purpose: Bubble/Bust Operations Are How They “Magically” Turn Their Debt Money “Fiat” Into Real Homes, Land, Businesses, Farms, Toll Streets, Energy Companies, Etc

Sunday, July 7, 2013
By Paul Martin
July 6th, 2013

It is elementary.

They knew they were breaking Section 2A of the Federal Reserve Act (the mandate IS NOT to maintain low employment and stable prices, those are the expected results of following the SINGULAR MANDATE!) when they took credit and monetary aggregates exponential to GDP (actualized potential production):

Weapons of Mass Debt

Of course, there are no penalties for oligarch “laws” – they are more accurate deemed propaganda for the naive plebians.

The bust portion of this cycle is every bit as important a part of the bubble / bust, societal asset stripping operation as the bubble!

The international banking cartel is orchestrating the interest rate spike as the organic growth of the American economy is contracting $500 billion a year and dropping rapidly!

Central Banks Sell Record American Debt

The Rest…HERE

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