MERS-CoV Essen Sequence Matches England1

Saturday, June 29, 2013
By Paul Martin
June 29, 2013

University of Bonn Medical Center researchers release a partial sequence from the Qatari resident who traveled to Essen, Germany for medical treatment. The sequences, designated Essen, was used to develop PCR primers and tests and the sequences for the RdRp and N gene had been made public at the researchers website.

However, the sequence at Genbank covered multiple regions and provided sufficient information to classify the sequence as a close relative of the England1 sequence. That designation had been suggest from the partial N gene sequence which included A29719T, which was exclusively shared with the England1 sequence which was from the other Qatari resident.

Prior to the release of this longer sequence, full sequences had been generated for nine patients. The first four divided the MERS-CoV sequences into two sub-clades. One was composed of the two earliest sequences, Jordan-N3 (ICU nurse, 40F, in Jordan) and EMC (first confirmed case, 60M, from Jeddah), while the other was composed of England1 (Qatari, 49M, air ambulance to England) and England2 (England resident, 60M, Urah pilgrim to KSA). These two sub-clades were largely defined by clustered polymorphisms in the OFR 1ab gene. All subsequent isolates mapped to the England1/2 branch, which was then divided into England1 and England2.

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