Gold And Silver – Purely A Mental Game Right Now. Do Not Blink.

Saturday, June 29, 2013
By Paul Martin
Saturday 29 June 2013

“Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink.”

There is a similar situation with regard to fiat paper everywhere, but not a gold delivery
to be made. The delirium cast by central bankers issuing unlimited fiat has kept so many
people in a fiat-induced fog, unable to see clearly. The fog has lifted. It is all a game.
See the fraudulent scheme for what it is and then fear no more. It is just a matter of time
before everything unravels, as it surely is.

The price of gold and silver are closer to a bottom than a top. The QE-Infinity is closer to
a top and will collapse under its own “goldless” weight. The PM holders are on the correct
side of history. Understand that it has been one of the bigger world scams played by the
central bankers, the illuminati who believed themselves untouchable, beyond the scope of
comprehension by the non-banking world.

Stop buying into the scheme of the moneychangers. Their time has come, and it is but
a matter of time. They are playing with everyone’s mind, doing everything possible to
destroy the gold/silver markets, committing self-destruction in the process. They are
making every attempt to discredit the barbaric metal that cannot be eaten, that pays no
dividends, but somehow survives as the most reliable measure of accepted value.

The moneychangers are dragging the faux decline for as long as they can, hoping to wear
down the resolve of PM holders. Ask yourself, are you selling your holdings of either gold
or silver has price has declined? Will you sell out if gold goes to $1100, silver to $18? If
not, then what difference does the current price of gold of silver make? If you are not going
to sell, then let the central bankers crush the price as much as they can!

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