NSA data harvesting continues and is actually expanding, despite the Obama administration’s claims

Thursday, June 27, 2013
By Paul Martin

Madison Ruppert
Activist Post.com
Thursday, June 27, 2013

Despite claims made to the contrary by the Obama administration, the massive surveillance program run by the National Security Administration (NSA) has continued unabated and is actually expanding.

This comes as new NSA leaks revealed that the Obama administration continued harvesting massive amounts of information on the emails and internet use of Americans.

New top secret NSA documents show that when Shawn Turner, the Obama administration’s director of communications for National Intelligence, claimed that the program ended in 2011, Turner wasn’t being all that forthcoming.

Turner told the Guardian that “the internet metadata collection program authorized by the [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA)] court was discontinued in 2011 for operational and resource reasons and has not been restarted,” but the documents present a completely different picture.

Given the clever use of language employed by companies involved in the PRISM program, it’s clear that Turner’s statement should be examined carefully.

What was discontinued in 2011, according to Turner? Was it the entire NSA metadata collection program? No, he specifically says it was “the internet metadata collection program authorized by the FISA court.” That doesn’t exclude the possibility of a separate program remaining operational.

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