In Gold We Trust 2013 – Long Term Gold Price Target $2,230

Thursday, June 27, 2013
By Paul Martin

Gold Silver Worlds
June 27, 2013

The new edition of the “In GOLD We TRUST” report is out. In his 7th report precious metals analyst Ronald Stoeferle takes an holistic view on the latest developments in the gold market. Mr. Stoeferle has set up his own gold fund recently at Incrementum Liechtenstein AG.

This edition of the report is characterized by a focus on the monetary aspect(s) of gold, a subject which remains highly underexposed in almost every report of major financial institutions. Because of the unprecedented global monetary policy experiments the need for monetary insurance has never been greater. The consensus could be convinced that the gold bull market has ended but In GOLD we Trust 2013 points to the fundamental arguments why the gold bull market remains intact.

Furthermore, this edition is the first which contains a quantitative model of the gold price. The model justifies a considerable risk premium to current price levels, even if small probabilities of occurrence of extreme scenarios are modeled. Based on conservative assumptions, the long-term price target is $2,230.

In this article we present the key highlights of the In GOLD we Trust 2013 edition.

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