V – The Guerrilla Economist Updates:This Dragon Blows Fire Not Bubbles-AND THE EAGLES GOOSE IS COOKED!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013
By Paul Martin

Jun 26, 2013

Watching the continued precious metals takedown through the night has caused one major catalyst in this game of chicken. China keeps laughing and buying more gold and silver.

Many pundits have been claiming that Chinese have bubbles in their credit market, a real estate bubble, look it does not matter. The Chinese understood that they in order to compete with the Americans had to themselves create bubbles as it is by-product of a Keynesian central bank controlled economic model. The kicker in this is that the Chinese can afford to have all the bubbles that they have created pop. While we can NOT!!! Thanks to China’s “Shadow Banking” sector and their feverish stockpiling of precious metals, strategic metals, and rare earth minerals. They are well insulated from any crash, in fact any crash will be a temporary. While our demise is sealed in stone.

Some are crying that metals are being crushed in price. If you are someone who is savvy and understands what is going on you know that NO ONE IS SELLING PHYSICAL. I have met lunatics on the street in NY where they are laughing at “Gold-bugs” saying that gold lost $20. I laughed right back “Your dollar lost 97% of it’s value !!!” at which point they shut up. Folks what you are witnessing is the final play, the move of a desperate banking system as every moment they are losing all forms, excuse me, THEY HAVE LOST ALL FORMS OF CREDIBILITY!!!!

I told you that this summer will be the summer of financial HELL. I told you that we will be heading for a mass sell off in bonds. Look where we are. Last month was a massive flight from bonds and into stocks, they are crushing the GLD SLV papers market, the media hit men are talking China debt (Still way lower than the US) all to create an atmosphere of fear in order to get people back into bonds.

Who is the biggest competitor to the NYSE? Simple it’s the US Government. It is in their best interest to have everyone out of stocks and into their worthless bubble bonds.

All the while China sits and laughs at us while they build themselves a crash proof fortress in precious metals, we rely on cheap parlor tricks similar to a magician at a kids party to get through these days. Keep buying physical, Ignore the price and Understand the GAME. The Chinese Dragon does and it is ready to come onto the stage as the world’s new SUPERPOWER. The Eagle is now a chicken and it’s goose is cooked.

Buy Physical, End the Banksters

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