Next Major Crash Is Here – Gold Is The Major Indicator – MAJOR PLAYER ABOUT TO FALL – Cities Can’t Sell Their Muni Bonds – The World Is Suddenly On Brink of Severe Cash Crunch – More Money Printing On The Way?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013
By Paul Martin
June 26th, 2013

So, good ol’ Uncle Ben comes out and states that QE is going to be tapered… but later.


All hell breaks loose and PM/Markets get hammered. Bond market jumps… causing BILLIONS in losses immediately and debt servicing costs to jump.

Why you ask?

There are sellers EVERYWHERE trying to raise CASH. This is a liquidation.

You now see Hedge funds short on PM and the COMMERCIALS on the LONG side. Central Banks are ADDING gold….

So what is going on?

The Central Banks came to the conclusion that no matter how much money they printed to re-inflate that it was IMPOSSIBLE. They would create such a large bubble that it would end in total destruction. A no win. It didn’t work and the public opinion is VERY negative. They very much fear now what would happen if people finally have “had enough”. Better find a new way.

So they have decided to let deflation kick in and try to manage it on the way down… currencies and govts are still toast to a certain degree and explains (in the US) for all the preparation for civil disorder, which they know is guaranteed. Those eat for free EBT cards will be one of the first to go.

New hard backed currency is on the way and it will be the PMs they are buying with the soon to be used for toilet paper currencies for cheaper and cheaper by the day.

By the time the music stops playing and everyone realizes what happened you will see all the CBs with the gold and a new currency born (or currencies)… back by gold.

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