Could Plan to Raid Savings Come to U.S.?…(Oh Yeah!!)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013
By Paul Martin

What happened in Cyprus will happen in Europe and America if Goldman Sachs plan goes global

By Ronald L. Ray
June 15, 2013

Bankster greed has no limits. Not content with controlling most of the world’s wealth, the top banking firms have designs for seizing the savings of citizens throughout the European Union (EU). Incredible as this seems, the previously secret plan was developed as early as November 2011 by Boston Consulting Group’s (BCG) senior partner, Levin Holle. BCG is a subsidiary of the Rothschild-controlled Goldman Sachs financial empire.

Brazenly entitled “Back to Mesopotamia,” the scheme seeks to wrest the last remnants of money and property from the “99%” and transfer them to a handful of plutocrats. Germany’s finance minister, Wolfgang Schäuble, installed Holle as that country’s “department director for financial market policy” in December 2011. At that time, it had not been decided whether to accomplish the massive wealth transfer through confiscatory taxes or bank bailouts by depositors, according to a report by National Journal, a German-language website based in England.

However, the EU meeting of finance ministers in mid-April 2013 in Dublin, Ireland, formally set the course of their piracy. The seizure of assets in the tiny country of Cyprus was so successful that, “Savers should in future pay to save the banks. The EU finance ministers want to use the Cyprus solution as an example.”

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