The Slow Burn

Tuesday, June 25, 2013
By Paul Martin

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Empires fall slowly – especially the big ones. In terms of the human experience, no empire (if you can still call it that with all the cronyism and corruption today) compares to America, and its global reach both economically and militarily (they are connected), spanning the world like no other force in history. Not since the Roman Empire has there been anything comparable; but again, the American Empire is biggest ever (even though this fact is not recognized by the status quo in order to justify their agenda) and arguably far worse off. And along this line of thinking the cracks are beginning to fisher, eventually widening into chasm if history is a good guide. Because that’s what happens to empires – they all die.

Because as with all empires the corruption becomes rampant with easy money empowering the lunatic fringe and moral retards, which is the rot from within that eventually brings economy down in a slow burn, taking decades, if not centuries in Rome’s case. And like Rome in the end, the American Empire, which we will refer to as the West, is also being run by delusional and sociopathic criminals that are engendering corruption at both official and public levels, increasingly accepted as the new normal. As with all fascist states, it’s ‘comply or die’, which not only corrupts our morals and behavior, but also the very fabric of culture, society, and economy. This is what Edward Snowden is using as justification for going public.

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