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Monday, June 24, 2013
By Paul Martin

Jun 23, 2013

I can confirm to you today that the long held plan to inflate bubbles, create an illusion of recovery and then pull the rug/ support out is now in it’s last phase. I have dissected the annual report and just as I thought the Central Bank of Central Banks has given the green light to pull the stimulus. This of course leaves the underling big 4 (FED,BOE,ECB & BOJ) in a predicament. How to pull or demolish a structure without you yourselves being caught in it. Simple, make sure you and your buddies are free and clear of the vicinity, make sure that all the wealth has been pilfered by Ponzi and you simply pull it!

Look all this talk about “Taper” is what it is. Just talk. There will be no taper, these Globalist/Keynesians have no idea of taper or market fundamentals. They will do what they do best, destroy. If you look past the rhetoric, what you can see is a telegraphed signal to commence and prepare for a massive credit contraction that will topple the market.

Look at interest rates that are starting to creep, annihilating the “housing recovery”, the stress in the derivative market exasperated by the currency wars putting pressure on the FX swaps affecting QE and thus IR swaps. A contracting GDP is also causing Credit Default Swaps to buckle as there are less and less guarantors/players in the market that are willing to take on such risks.

Folks what I just described to you is impacts in the $600+ Trillion Derivative market’s three fundamental components where the majority of the over-leveraged debt resides. This will be the summer of great market stress as we move into the realm of what I call the incredible sovereign solvency crisis. The toxicity that was limited to banks and institutions back in 2007-2008 has become system, what was once the realm of corporations is now thanks to Central Bank and Government stimulus/bailout the toxin has been publicly monetized into every system primarily the biggest impact being one’s currency. The dollar is the toxin that has now flooded the world and now the Central Banks of the world are announcing that it must be PURGED. The coming crash will be HORRIFIC!!!!
. May God help us all.

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