Okay, NSA–Come and Get Me, Mother Fluffers!

Thursday, June 20, 2013
By Paul Martin

Thursday, June 20, 2013

I do not use “bad language”…with an occasional “sh*t” coming out of my mouth usually with a “bull” in front of it. For one thing, I did not want my kids using bad language when they were growing up…yet once my son used the “s” word and his little sister caught him and yelled from where they were playing, “Mommy, (my brother) used a bad word!” and one time she used a bad word as well (the “f” word) because she had no idea what it meant and had heard a kid my son was playing with use it–his folks used bad words all the time.

Hence, the “mother fluffers”…most folks use “WTF” to mean “what the f***” but with me it means “what the fluffy?” And in case you forgot, the URL of this site is “itsafluffy.blogspot.com”…why “fluffy”? In honor of my late departed cat, Fluffy, as sweet a tomcat as you could ever meet, a longhaired, light brown and white/yellow tiger-ish ball of fur, with one heckuva personality. (Still, the all-time pet with personality in our house has been our late Severum, “Fishy.” Yes–a fish with personality! You could actually play “hide-and-seek” with this aquarium resident of seven years. Note: a Severum is a fish, medium-sized, that is native to the Amazon River and does not require an aerator to breathe.)

As we all know by now…unless you still get all your news from the lamestream media…okay, okay, Ministry of Propaganda…you know that the NSA uses Quantum Computers with 512 qubits of artificial intelligence (see the original post on “Natural News” and reposted on From the Trenches World Report, with the title, Skynet Rising) in a sort of “Eagle Eye” scenario (which is a movie made a few years ago) to track and record every single word you post on the internet, any website, any e-mail, any comment–as well as any phone call you make, and for all I know anything you say watching TV (aka “telescreen”…just how did Mr. Orwell know this would happen?). By now you know this…and you also know that this blog is being tracked as well. It is, after all, a “BlogSpot” blogpost and you know who owns “BlogSpot”…Google, of course, who does whatever the NSA tells it to, and whose Intel Engineer is a transhumanist psychopath. Yes, Mr. Ray Kurzweil, I’m calling you out! YOU ARE A PSYCHOPATH! And you know it but because there is nothing human about you, you don’t give a crap. You are Sheldon Cooper…excuse me, DOCTOR Sheldon Cooper, of “Big Bang Theory” but without one iota of humanity, smart as a 2 qubit Quantum Computer and dumber than a bag o’ hammers (a fave line by George Clooney as Everett in “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”) Pinky of “Pinky and the Brain” is smarter than you, dumbass! Don’t you know that you will never make it to your “new transhuman body” and, short of a major EMP attack on your dream machine, don’t you know that just as a parasite tends to kill its host if something isn’t done about it, your “baby” will perhaps want to kill you as well (because once a machine becomes self-aware it will kill the first human it finds, and you could be it. Take a lesson, you psycho-geek, from the head of Umbrella Corporation, who, in the final scene of “Resident Evil: Retribution” prepares his test subject Alice to help put an end to the upcoming zombie apocalypse. Oh, but I forgot…you will be mind-melded with a robot by then…)

But, enough of sci-fi movies…but the predictive programming is getting wild, eh? And if you want my opinion, I’d rather fight zombies…

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