Nigel Farage – The Massive Plunge In Gold & Silver Markets

Thursday, June 20, 2013
By Paul Martin
June 20, 2013

Today MEP Nigel Farage, who traded gold for 20 years on the LBMA, spoke with King World News at length about the incredible smash in the gold and silver markets and what to expect going forward. He also discussed future government theft of assets, what type of chaos to expect in Europe and around the world in the future and much more. Below is what Farage had to say in part I of a series of powerful interviews that will be released today.

Eric King: “Nigel, we’re getting smashed on gold and silver. Silver is down $1.50, gold down over $60. What are your thoughts as you see this kind of a smash?”

Farage: “Yes, well they are big moves aren’t they? I guess movements like this are going to shake out not just some of the short-term longs, but it may shake out some of the medium-term longs as well.

That is something which gives the bigger, longer-term players very good buying opportunities….

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