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Monday, June 17, 2013
By Paul Martin

Pallas Athena: Strategic Precious Metals and the Battle for the Planets Future Energy Source.

Jun 16, 2013

The story told about Pallas and her namesake, the Palladium, is as follows : They say that when Athena was born she was brought up by Triton, who had a daughter Pallas; and that both girls practised the arts of war, but that once on a time they fell out; and when Pallas was about to strike a blow, Zeus in fear interposed the aegis, and Pallas, being startled, looked up, and so fell wounded by Athena. And being exceedingly grieved for her, Athena made a wooden image in her likeness, and wrapped the aegis, which she had feared, about the breast of it, and set it up beside Zeus and honoured it.
But afterwards Electra [one of the Pleiades, pursued by the gods; see Orion], at the time of her violation, took refuge at the image, and Zeus threw the Palladium along with Ate into the Ilian country and Ilus built a temple for it, and honoured it.
Such is the legend of the Palladium.
From Sir James G. Frazer’s 1921 translation of Apollodorus The Library (Apollodorus 3. 12. 3)
This is one of the deepest most important articles/alerts that I will ever write in my life time. We are witnessing the end of our way of life in the United States. Whether the struggle against the globalist subjugation is won or lost the out come is the guaranteed similar end. That end is our end. For you see we allowed this parasite to fester, we have allowed it to shape the minds of millions and for generations that their death is so intertwined with our own. Our destinies for the most part are shared though we occupy the opposite ends of the Yin and Yang, the light and the dark. Jesus and Lucifer. No matter the outcome our way of life, American consumerism, the “American Dream” is over. It is after all a dream “THEY” bankrolled. They made us give up our Financial liberties for illusionary prosperity long before require making a play at our Civil Liberties. It seems that those men from the 18th Century new a thing or two about Banking and Tyranny. The death of this parasite is the inexorable death of it’s host.

Ladies and Gentlemen the sooner you understand that you cannot stop this train from going over this cliff the sooner you can begin to implement a plan of action for you and your family without wasting your time buying tshirts with slogans, bumper stickers, organizing marches. What I am going to detail for you is a globe without America, it’s vassals, and it’s primary tool of dominance the alimighty DOLLAR.

Present Day 2013 United Staes: America and it’s vassals Europe and Japan are in meltdown. Bond sell offs, gyrating markets, perpetual bad economic news and wide spread systemic failure has caused the great “Super Power” to crumble under the weight of it’s own bad decisions. There is no more can to kick but a steel reinforced concrete wall called reality. Wall street has just collapsed. This was long in coming but the trigger has been the Japanese economic implosion that caused the shockwaves to bring down the US market. Martial Law is declared bank accounts are seized and or frozen when a “unknown” cyberattack brings the fragile banking computers to core meltdown. The hack was done by a stuxnet type virus geared and designed to get through banking fire walls with alarming voracity. Mass riots erupt out when the delicate supply chain that shepherds the flow of food and medicine breaks down. Hungry, desperate mobs, clash with police, Homeland Security and United Nations forces. Violence the likes of which were never seen in American public streets is broadcast the world over as one by one nations linked to this Titanic feel the pain and betrayal of the now realized empty promises and fiat dollar dreams have become a nightmare.
Present Day Canada 2013: Reeling from the shock of the fall of it’s biggest trading partner, Canada survives the economic tsunami that is sweeping the globe. What allowed the now bailed in and fleeced Canadians to somewhat survive is a banking system that was in much better health and less leveraged than their Anglo-American counterparts. Now Canada looks to stabilize herself on the shoulders of some of her new found friends, China and Russia.

Present Day United Kingdom: The decades of insane banking and cocaine fueled trades in “the City” have come to end. British banks weakened from damages done from Derivatives, CDO’s, CDS, IR swaps, Eurobonds, American bonds, and JGB have crashed and burned with such fury that the markets melted with such fervor that suicides were being reported in every high rise in London. Riots, fueled by hate, and years of structured liberal “class warfare” has turned the unwashed immigrant masses of the UK into a hoard of locust consuming every Briton of any wealth that is not tied down. With no means to protect themselves a disarmed British middle class population suffers at the hands of third world thugs and bottom feeding white trash zombies. Screams are heard through the long nights.

Present Day Europe 2013: Every European city is ablaze with riots, fires burning so brightly they can be seen from space. Globalist’s dreams of a European super state lie in ruins as refugees flee from one member state to the next, with each turn safety fails until it the continent devolves into the most primal of human instincts, kill or be killed. Switzerland remains a fortress with every attempt by refugees trying to penetrate is met with a swift and decisive end at the hands of the Swiss army secured borders.

Present Day China/Russia: Seeing what they have known for decades and switching to the running of their economies by implementation of stealth banking and reserves; hedged by Gold and precious metals, Russia and China remain standing along side their BRICS compatriots. They have seen this day and waited eagerly for this time.

Late Winter 2013 United States: In sheer desperation to mobilize the masses and to incite patriotic fervor, The current administration launches a full scale war as a opiate to quell the massive civil unrest and economic malaise. Syria escalates from a small contained “civil war” to full blown, large scale Nuclear war.

2014 United States: Russia and China strike first and fast in reaction to American involvement in Syria and Iran. The attack was Nuclear and the battle was over very quickly. America, under massive civil upheaval, military stretched too thin, she never had even a hope of a chance to respond or even defend. The Russians using their most advanced subs along side the Chinese caught the eastern and western seaboard off guard. Along side space based weaponry creating a massive EMP pulse, bringing to a halt any escape or movement of Americans. Within minutes, Washington D.C, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles disappeared by brilliant light and immense heat, for man has harnessed the power of the sun and has unleashed it upon his own kind. The death toll was in the tens of millions and none of her “Allies” did any thing to protect or avenge her. They stood there in shock.

2014 BRICS: The BRICS nations quickly enter to fill the economic vacuum that is left by America and her now defaulted and defunct allies. They unveil a new plan to fix the energy crisis that is now created by a destroyed and non-existent OPEC. The Russians , South Africans and Chinese unveil Cold Fusion. The energy of tomorrow a better, cleaner way to power the world. Better still they want to share this technological secret with the world. Helping any nation that wants it, their own cold fusion reactors. The world rejoices. BRICS now led by newly super rich South Africa and Russia create the new Platinum and Palladium OPEC replacement, you see Platinum and Palladium are the “fuel” the trigger needed to cause the reactions that allow cold fusion to take place. The BRICS led by the wealth of South Africa and Russia along side the Military Might of China are the new kingpins. A new resource war begins.

2015 Europe: As Europe burns in flames and much of the world is still in turmoil, A “man” steps from obscurity brining with him charm, wit and the confidence to fix all of the worlds problems. He speaks, the world listens and they follow him…..

Folks that was simply a very real scenario that will play out. The details of which will be hard to predict but the big picture is still clear to us who have been watching the numbers for years. Now It is a matter of record of what I have been advocating in terms of purchase of Gold and Silver as a hedge of protection against future destruction of wealth. Recently though another metal has come to catch my attention. A metal that I was never keen on as it’s dependence on economic and industrial demand. One family of metal that will break away from any of the hinges that currently hold it back and become the premiership that is currently enjoyed by Gold and Silver. That group of metals is the Platinum family including it’s malleable sister palladium.

People ask me all the time these days V why are you bullish on Platinum and Palladium? The short answer is it’s real price is hidden in plain sight, on current news headline. As with gold and silver there are investors that are now seeking this metal as a way to diversify in the world of negative interest rates that creates massive risk exposure on capital savings. An environment where the two biggest bond markets (US & Japan) are following a 2% policy that will kill two birds with one numerical stone. In fact Japan’s current 2% inflation target coupled with 0.85bps yields on the ten year is a guaranteed money loser year after year.

Platinum and Palladium have found massive use in automotive and industrial applications,With the metals being used for very high tech chemical catalyzations that only Platinum and Palladium can do.

Investors who are savvy are now getting in at what I am calling the ground level of this metal. You see because of its uses Platinum and Palladium are found in any mine-able quantity in South Africa and Russia. The bigger of the two is South Africa, the Saudi Arabia of Platinum. There is only a few things wrong with scenario. One South Africa is having a bunch of issues with it’s mines and Russia is simply not selling anything to the West. Some say well V why dont we just mine more Platinum and Palladium? Simple, we can’t. You see my dear Watson, Platinum and Palladium is not of this Earth. Yes you read that correctly they are extraterrestrial and reached here through asteroid strikes. Hence the origin of their name derived from Pallas the celestial body.

To give you a clear idea of what is happening you have to understand some scenarios unfolding in South Africa.

Mines are currently losing money for every ounce of platinum that they are unearthing. Mining companies project platinum to be around $1700 per oz for them to turn a profit. They are currently in the $1400-$1498 range. Meaning they are losing about $300 per ounce that they are unearthing. Couple that they can not offset this with volume due to low production and a labor union that wants a 60% pay raise. You have on your hands a metal that has to simply move up in the market. It reminds me of where Silver was when it was only $5 per ounce and the cost to unearth it was $6-$7 per ounce. The market forces dictated that silver had to move higher than it’s cost to unearth. A similar thing will occur with platinum and palladium.
Understanding the investor as well as Industrial demand for Platinum, South Africa just created a Platinum ETF, requiring even South African citizens can only purchase platinum via ETF. Now to get this ETF up an running the South Africans put up close to 400,000 oz of platinum to back it. Couple that with Eric Sprott’s Platinum ETF which procured just over 100,000 oz to start. So we are looking at over 500,000 oz between the ETFs. This does not include the amount of coins and bullion that are being bought by investors.
China: Just this year alone, platinum demand for jewelry in China outstripped demand for the metal by the whole entire European auto industry. And this is just JEWELRY!!!

Most of all I have been alerted to one major factor that surrounds platinum and palladium. That is it is the only metals and the only one that can be used in Cold Fusion applications. Cold Fusion is the energy source for tomorrow. It has on numerous occasions been revealed by the defense industry as well as the department of energy. From various Russian and American scientific sources, CF is a reality awaiting to have the curtain pulled back on it. I believe very strongly that this is the very reason why Russia wants to form a OPEC like organization with South Africa and even Canada (BRICCS?) to control the flow of this valuable metal the world over. All this creates the investment of a lifetime.

2014 Pallas Athena and the Nail in the Coffin for America.


The Guerrilla Economist

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