Hamid Gul on Syria, Afghanistan, Corruption and Obama

Sunday, June 16, 2013
By Paul Martin

June 14, 2013

“America says to its allies: you scratch my back while I stab you in your back.” Lt General Hamid Gul of Pakistan

The war in Afghanistan is not going well for America. This has been known for years. so why are we still in Afghanistan killing people with plans to build permanent bases and stay beyond 2014 until 2024? Hamid Gul said the US is making billions of dollars from the sale of heroin. The Afghan farmers make 5 billion dollars a year selling opium but only the US military can market it worldwide.

The US is justifying its continued presence in Afghanistan by setting off bombs that kill and maim American troops and contractors. Al Qaeda and even factions of the Taliban are run by the US and Great Britain. Afghan President Mohammad Karzai said the US was in charge of Al Qaeda last year.

He said the West is running Al Qaeda in Tunisia, Libya, Syria and Afghanistan. America is fighting a phony War on Terror in 60 countries. It is badly using its military forces for unrealistic objectives.

For example, in Afghanistan the US sets off bombs to justify drone strikes that are designed to stir up resistance in the area so they can in turn justify our continued presence.

He also said there are more than 100,000 American contractors in Afghanistan. He said up to 25% of all the money spent on contracts to build infrastructure is stolen. He also said that these contractors blow up their own bridges and other projects so they can get another contract to build a replacement for what they just blew up.

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