Full NSA access built into every Windows OS since 1997

Sunday, June 16, 2013
By Paul Martin

by Jim Stone
17 June 2013

Last summer I got contacted by a Microsoft programmer, who blew the whistle on Microsoft intentionally sabotaging the operating system, and then running closed code to conceal to the majority just how penetrable the operating system is for a chosen few. This programmer went on to say that for a price, if one Jewish corporation was in a battle against a non Jewish corporation, Microsoft would provide information about intentional back doors built into the competitor’s computers, so that the zionist company could go in and entirely rape their data.

He also went further, and said that both McCaffee and Norton work closely with Microsoft, and build additional back doors competitors can exploit the same way and that these security suites do nothing to plug Microsoft’s back doors and instead provide a different flavor of method for raping data, (the difference being like your preference for either Word or Wordperfect). In the same way Microsoft will allow a system rape, these additional paid for back doors can be used to destroy individuals by allowing ordinary priviledged people full access to your system, even if they are not an intelligence agency at all. Bottom line? The only secure system is a small fully open source Linux system that you can read through yourself and verify secure. Any Microsoft O.S. is as intentionally penetrable as your cell phone, which is also inevitably the product of a zionist corporation.

I had asked this programmer for the specifics, but then, as usual, all contact got cut and I received no further info, and this communication took place through a fresh mailbox for as long as it lasted (he was able to respond ONCE).

So it is far beyond just the NSA, if you are wondering how your competitor released your idea before you ever spoke about it to ANYONE, that is exactly how.

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