What Is Going On, Are They Gearing Up For Genocide In America?

Saturday, June 15, 2013
By Paul Martin

By The Liberator
June 14, 2013

Congressman Jeff Duncan questions why he saw IRS agents training with powerful, semi-automatic rifles when he toured a Maryland Federal Law Enforcement Training Center on May 23.

To anyone that is not awake yet I hope you ‘get this’ and pass it on.As they are in the fierce battle to disarm us, they are they gorging up on massive amounts of ammo,2 billion rounds for DHS and every other Federal agency.Semi and fully Automatic rifles for all them and 2,700 armored urban tanks, but they want us without guns .It’ll be the devil in the henhouse.It would make Hitler blush. Look at these animals you call politicians,they sold us out long ago.Put the pieces together.Look at all the evil stuff with Obama and our Congress,NDAA,Execitive order one after another,horrendous ones.This is what happens when Government gets so big it’s ready to pop.Police state isn’t the word,police breaking into innocent peoples homes and often killing someone.IRS, how about SS that’s what it’s looking like.The Liberator.

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