Do not Fear Anarchy

Wednesday, June 12, 2013
By Paul Martin


It seems that everything is finally coming to a head. The President’s credibility is all but non-existent. The US Government is getting hacked constantly. Governments throughout the world are continuing to find their powers in danger of citizen overthrow. Thanks to the internet, it seems that citizens everywhere are realizing we’re all in the same boat, just different countries. A realization that is bringing people closer together.

What with the new light shed on the NSA & PRISM, average Americans are beginning to question what the Government is actually up to. For many people, this ‘scandal’ is actually old news. People have been complaining about the measures the Government could take, should they so choose, after passing bills like the Patriot Act or NDAA. The Patriot Act, passed during the George W. Bush Presidency & voluntarily continued by President Barack Obama, permits the Federal Government to do everything they’ve been doing. So the surprise is ONLY felt by those who had no idea, or those who didn’t believe those who cried foul for years. Believing it must be some kind of “conspiracy theory” & that the Government wouldn’t spy on it’s own citizens. Believing that it really was just to catch “terrorists.” Low & behold, this whole time the Government itself has always been the terrorist. Spying on each & every one of us.

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that the Government would talk about “disappearing” the reporter, Glenn Greenwald, who broke the story regarding the NSA & PRISM. For those who haven’t heard the term, to “disappear” someone is when the Government completely removes someone from the face of the earth, in regards to anyone’s ability to find said person…. ever again. Does that mean they killed them? Does that mean they were imprisoned? Well, that’s none of your business, in the Government’s opinion. Will they ever be seen again? Stop asking so many questions & go about your day.

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