US Military Blocks Access to Christian Website, Due to “Hostile Content”

Sunday, June 2, 2013
By Paul Martin

Weeks ago, The US Military blocked access to the “Southern Baptist Convention” website, due to ‘hostile content’. It has since been unblocked, but was this a beta test, to gauge the outrage in planning for future Internet censorship?

by Cassius Methyl
June 1, 2013

Recently, the pentagon and US military blocked access to the “Southern Baptist Convention” website, supposedly due to hostile content. This is extremely disturbing to those who wisely question their official reasoning for doing so, and it raises fierce concern about future government interference in Internet activity. Luckily, the infrastructure for an uninhibited Internet exists and is growing, for example, there is the TOR Network (The Onion Router). No matter what, it seems, the Internet can not die.

The pentagon claimed the block was due to malware somewhere on the website, a vague and not very logical explanation. It also came just weeks after the government began to label Christian groups as potential threats, religious extremists, and other fear-based, absurd titles, so most people who view this in the proper context, don’t buy the official narrative for a second. Many believe that this is a sort of beta test, to gauge how much outrage there would be if they blocked this website. Last time I checked, the US Military’s job was to systematically kill human beings with machinery, not protect Christians from malware.

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