Is the White House gearing up for Martial Law?

Wednesday, May 29, 2013
By Paul Martin

Greg Carithers
May 28, 2013

The answer may be a big YES. Numerous trains carrying tanks, trucks, and ground armament have been seen throughout the US. One was a train moving through California on a southern trek. Allegedly what has been seen is not in the hundreds of pieces of hardware but more along the number of thousands. The question is – if in fact – all of these military mechanized weapons are being moved to what seems to be different parts of the country, why? Sightings of the same kind have been reported in several states such as New Hampshire, Florida and West Virginia. The pictures that I have seen are some US vehicles along with UN types of trucks on the same train.

Also, if you notice the states mentioned they are one’s that have a large number of military bases as well as large populations of civilians. Also, the reports are that sightings are in three of the four corners of the US. One close enough to encircle Washington DC as a defensive measure. If there are a large number of heavy tanks on the same transport trains as reported, this does raise suspicions of possible Marshal Law coming our way. Allegedly, even some of the personnel questioned mentioned the preparedness for Marshal Law. So today we are tasked with admitting to ourselves that Marshal Law is entirely possible and time to face facts as to what is going to have to be done in order to fight Marshal Law and why the government is more afraid of American Citizens than any other military on earth. Quick answer is this – There are just over 300 million American Citizens. It’s estimated that 270 million Americans own a weapon of some type. Now you know why Gun Control has a hard time passing in the legislation. It’s because almost everyone owns a firearm of some kind and a good majority of Americans have some sort of military experience. Consider – 10% of the job force in our country since the 1970’s has been military. Add this up and you can see just how many Americans in total have some sort of military experience now.

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