WHAT IRS DEMANDED FROM ME:Joseph Farah refuses to back down in face of order to turn over private info

Tuesday, May 28, 2013
By Paul Martin

May 27 2013

When I got my politically motivated audit notice from the Internal Revenue Service in 2011, I drafted a letter of protest that I wanted my accountant to include in our response to the agency.

My accountant urged me not to do this, and I begrudgingly accepted her advice.

I wanted to let the IRS know that I knew that I was being illegally targeted. Instead, I played along with the audit like a good German, trying not to offend government officials I already knew didn’t like me.

I regret that now.

The result of that audit was a disallowance of most of my schedule C deductions and a bill for over $8,000 in new taxes due and penalties.

What did the IRS want that I refused to provide?

This is interesting.

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