7 Last Minute Prepping Items

Tuesday, May 28, 2013
By Paul Martin

Gaye Levy
Activist Post.com
Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Every single one of us has been in a situation where the weather forecasters and civil authorities have warned of an oncoming crisis. It might be a winter storm, a spring flood or a wildfire. It might be a hurricane or a minor pandemic. All you know is that a crisis is brewing and you better be prepared.

For the experienced prepper, there is comfort in knowing that you have plenty of food, water and supplies to get you through for the short term. You have candles, flashlights, batteries and light sticks. You have a extra blankets and the means to cook without fuel. And of course, you have a bug-out bag.

But imagine a scenario where a disaster is brewing and you have a bit of notice. There is a possibility, however small, that you might be stuck indoors and in your home for two weeks, possibly longer, without access to common services such as power, sanitation systems, and access to the local supermarket.

Put on your thinking cap – what have you forgotten? What has been overlooked? And what can you pick up at the last minute to insure your safety and comfort?

While there are lots of lists floating around telling you what you need and what will disappear first, there is not much out there that addresses those items you might want to consider at the last minute – things that will be useful but of no interest to the mad mob of folks who have done diddly-squat to prepare.

Today I present a list of the last minute prepping items I will seek out when I have some advance notice of an oncoming storm, disaster or crisis.


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