HOW TO BUG OUT If and When The Time Comes

Monday, May 27, 2013
By Paul Martin


Many of you living in big cities are beginning to wake up to the possibility of some event taking place that may affect things such that you need to “get out of Dodge” in a hurry. With the many events taking place and shaping up in the world these days, getting out of town is something to take seriously. Widespread civil disorder with a pending declaration of martial law, or nuclear, biological, chemical events are just some of the things that would require you to flee the city. Keep an ear to the ground and be ready to go.

This is not something we like to dwell on, but neither is thinking about your home burning to the ground; it is a possibility and that is why you have fire insurance. Even the state of California recommends that all citizens have earthquake kits to keep them going for up to a week in the event they get hit with another big one. It’s just something out there that is a real possibility but no one dwells there. Don’t fixate on danger, just take steps to be covered and then you let it work for you in the background; it is called peace-of-mind! Makes you sleep well at night.

Another name for peace-of-mind is an emergency grab-bag, or, as it has become known, the bug-out-bag (BOB). Get one and keep it handy and then you will not have to be in a panic when everyone else is! When others are just beginning to have the light bulb go on over their heads that something is wrong, you want to be two jumps ahead and already making your move out of town with your family. This is important to avoid the traffic jams that will form after “Bubba” gets his stuff together and decides to head out himself. Plan on being long-gone before this.

You need a bit more planning to be complete, such as where you want to go if an emergency pops up. This is almost an article in itself, but involves having some idea on the best way to get to your destination and having maps or GPS, and plenty of gas in the vehicle. Some common sense and a cool attitude help too. Basically, plan on going to a relative somewhere outside of you major area, a minimum of 100 miles away. This will be something of a buffer between you and whatever is causing you to evacuate the big city. The further away, the better, in most cases.

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