SARS: NY Nurses Issue Dire Warning & Share Of Cover-Up In Progress

Monday, May 20, 2013
By Paul Martin

By Live Free or Die
Friday, May 17, 2013

Beforeitsnews has recently been contacted by a very concerned American whose sister-in-law works in a New York hospital and a fellow nurse who have come forth and shared their stories that there is a very serious SARS outbreak and cover-up in progress. Beforeitsnews has been granted the Liberty to reprint these emails in their entirety. The World Health Organization recently reported the first confirmed case of nurse to patient spread of this disease. Two video reports about the SARS outbreak in New York and the nurse to patient spread of this disease follow these emails.:


I am PatriotTruthNews on YouTube. I am receiving information that other nurses are being forced to quit or get fired.. and many Nurses are wanting to come forward with this information about Confirmed Sars cases in NY… THIS IS SERIOUS. GET THIS OUT TO THE WORLD.



To Whom it may concern,

Here is an OFFICIAL AND FULL STATEMENT BY MY BRAVE AND HONEST SISTER IN LAW… IT IS WRITTEN BELOW ALL IN HER WORDS. Please share her FULL story and I will have updates as I get them from her. Please pray for her.

“My Name is Lisa and I work for St Luke’s in New York. As a nurse I don’t feel right keeping information from the public regarding a possible outbreak. I have worked at St Luke’s for 5 years working in the Emergency Room and Pediatric Floor.

We have seen 25 confirmed cases of SARS. The nurses who have been treating these patients have been told to keep quiet. The CDC has been contacted and has been at the hospital but on a day that I was off. So I do not know the outcome of their visit. The SARS Symptoms are as follows.

Sars symptoms are just like the flu but last longer then a week.

Fever can be 100.4 or higher

aches and pains


dry cough

and trouble breathing .

The unknown flu we have been treating symptoms are as follows,

Fever over 103

Severe body aches and pains

Raspy Cough


Either a Fast or slow heart rate.


As any nurse will tell you Yes Antibiotics are not useful in a Viral case. After necessary cultures are obtained it is not unusual for doctors to prescribe antibiotics especially in an acute situation. Any adult presenting with a fever of 103 causes worry. The Antibiotics prevent secondary bacterial infections from happening including Bronchitis and pneumonia. (Whenever Live Free or Die gets a virus, I EAT LOTS OF GARLIC~!!!!!!!!!!!! Garlic has been PROVEN to be extremely effective in the fight against viruses over the course of history; raw organic garlic, cut up/grated, wait 10 to 45 minutes before eating. Two cloves a day will do you wonders in fighting viruses, bacterial infections and more!)

The nurses who have spoken up and asked questions have not returned to work. As I am writing this I am in a hospital after being admitted with a Flu like virus.”

The second note below is from fellow St. Luke’s nurse Amy Marie Richards.:

Hello My name is Amy Marie Richards. I am a former St Luke’s nurse. I have worked at St Luke’s for 17 years in the emergency room department. I know Lisa very well. She has my full support as well as many other nurses who want this information out. The public needs to know this information since we have seen a jump in the cases.

I can not say if the flu viruses are that of the Bird flu we have been seeing in China but I can say it is a flu like we have never seen or treated before.

Yes we have confirmed SARS cases in our hospital. This is what we were told to keep quiet. I have since been given a letter to resign or be fired after I had contacted a local news paper who called the hospital to verify information. I have contacted a Lawyer today and will continue working with him.

I don’t think they can keep this quiet much longer as other nurses are wanting to speak out.

Lisa I wish you the best of luck and hope you feel better soon.


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