The QE Scam Is Going To End With A Financial Collapse That Will Shake The Financial Foundations Of The World

Sunday, May 19, 2013
By Paul Martin
May 19th, 2013

It is generally well known that the major new york banks and hsbc are naked shorting gold and silver, aka selling contracts that they do not have the gold and silver inventory to deliver on if the buyer asked for delivery.

On the other hand the privately owned central banks of the world are taking delivery of gold and so this puts the lie to bernankes trashing of gold, but of course when doesnt bernanke and the central bankers not lie.

China and the rest of asia are also loading up on gold, they know that the feds house of cards or hologram of QE is headed for catastrophe , the QE scam is going to end with a financial collapse that will shake the financial foundations of the world.

The elite banking cartel privately owned fed is destroying america by debasing the currency and the stock market is going up because the actual value of the dollar is going down.

No nation including the roman empire ever survived debasing its currency, this debasement in every case led to financial collapse.

A nation can withstand the enemy from without , but a nation can never withstand the enemy from within, the fed is an enemy from within.

Gold and Silver Are Manipulated

The Guardian and Telegraph report that gold and silver prices are “fixed” in the same way as interest rates and derivatives – in daily conference calls by the powers-that-be.

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