Adam Kokesh violently dragged from public protest by police, arrested for ‘resisting arrest’

Sunday, May 19, 2013
By Paul Martin

by Mike Adams
Sunday, May 19, 2013

Freedom activist Adam Kokesh of Adam vs. the Man was violently dragged from a “Smoke Down Prohibition” protest in Philadelphia just a few hours ago. According to his Facebook page, Adam is being charged with “resisting arrest” but is refusing to be booked for the charge which is obviously false.

The YouTube video of the arrest shows Adam Kokesh clearly NOT resisting, holding his hands up in a surrender posture and trying to maintain his balance while a gang of police drag him away from the event.

According to Adam Kokesh supporter “Brother Lucas,” Kokesh never even smoked pot during the protest, so his arrest is sending shockwaves across the liberty movement because it appears to be illegal and unjustified. The video seems to depict a lawless gang of badge-wearing thugs committing an act of kidnapping against someone merely exercising their free speech rights in a public forum. Details are still early and somewhat sketchy at this point, so we may learn more details that will provide additional clarity on why this happened and what excuse the police will come up with this time.

(Will the IRS investigate Kokesh next? Are there any limits to criminal government?)

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