The World’s Central Banks Added To Their Gold Stockpiles Even As Prices Tumbled

Thursday, May 16, 2013
By Paul Martin

Mamta Badkar
May 16, 2013

Gold prices are down about 12.5% since the start of April. But global central banks have been increasing their reserves of the yellow metal.

A new report from the World Gold Council shows that central banks bout 109 tonnes of gold in the first quarter.

This was the seventh straight quarter in which they purchased over 100 tonnes of gold.

Central banks held 31,735.4 tonnes of gold as of May 2013. This was up from 31,694.8 tonnes as of April 2013.

Gold entered a bear market during that quarter. In the current quarter, gold has gone from $1,603 on April 1 to below $1,400 today.

According to the WGC, Russia and South Korea were among the biggest buyers of gold.

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