The Road to Martial Law – America in Crisis

Monday, May 13, 2013
By Paul Martin

By Nathan Leal
May 13, 2013

Hello, my friends and fellow inmates. I’m Nathan Leal coming to you from somewhere in the courtyard of Iron Curtain America.

You’re listening to the Watchman’s Cry – News from the Wall, the program where we examine reality through the lens of truth. If you are taking notes, the website is

Ladies and gentlemen, another phase of the takedown has begun for America. Right now, America is experiencing a great and mighty change. She is experiencing her demise. The good old US of A is entering her final moments in history where old America will cease to exist and a new America will arise. It is going to be a new America that will no longer have a heart for good, but will exchange it for a heart of stone; a stony heart that is cold and pitted with the scars of a different drumbeat.

Over the past few years, the LORD God Almighty has been warning America that these things were coming to the land. He raised up voices to sound the alarm. This ministry is one of them.

Please pay attention to the things that I am going to share because I have a word for the Lord today. It has to do with America and the residents that abide within her shores. So please share this program. Because that’s the bottom line, the foundation of this message has to do with the human soul. It has to do with finding Jesus and getting stronger with Him, because He is coming soon.

But first, He is going to shake this earth. He is going to shake the church. A great and mighty shaking is approaching.

It’s real folks! God is judging America. He is also judging the nations. He is judging Europe; Spain, Italy, Ireland, Greece, and all of those who dwell abroad. This thing is worldwide. His divine hand has an appointment with the residents of earth and His judgment is going to play out in many categories.

Famine is coming to the land. An economic collapse will also arrive. America is going to experience a dollar crisis, and eventually for many people, a trip to the grocer is going to bring sorrow for some and panic for others.

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