Endgame: Central Banks Lose Control – Schaeuble Fears Global Financial Crisis

Sunday, May 12, 2013
By Paul Martin


Wolfgang Schäuble, the enormous amounts of money scary, the central banks have pumped into the markets. He asks the central banks to collect the cash back. However, these have not the slightest idea how this will go. The central planners dawns on you that the game is likely to lead to banking crash. Therefore, the EU wants to participate savers to banks crashes to avoid a system collapse.

At the meeting of G7 finance ministers said German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble, the finance minister “increasingly concerned” about “the relative high level of liquidity” were. This was communicated to the central bank chief. Bundesbank chief Jens Weidmann assisted and said that monetary policy can not solve the structural problems. According to Reuters, he said, would last The longer the period of low interest rates, the greater the risk to stability.

On Friday, the U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) had warned that the banks could buy with the free money to many risky assets on credit. Ben Bernanke said that by lead with the systemically important banks stress tests, what would happen to the banks at a interest rate increase, reports the FT.

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