America Is Already An Occupied Nation

Sunday, May 12, 2013
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
May 11, 2013

Some readers have expressed displeasure with the notion of a military coup to purge the government of the bankers and their minions, who have violated their constitutional oaths, from either elected or appointed office.

Some readers have pointed out that history is filled with examples where military dictatorships have wreaked havoc upon their innocent civilians. On that point, the critics are correct.

Some readers have pointed out that history demonstrates that when a military coup takes place, the civilian controls over government, in many cases, are never restored. On that point, the critics are also correct.

To the people who have written to me with the aforementioned observations, I completely agree with your criticisms and expressed concerns. However, after you read the following paragraphs, please tell me what other options we Americans have other than walking off quietly into the night and passively submitting to a tyranny which wants most of us dead.

You Have Been Labeled As An Enemy of the State

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