Maguire – Perfect Storm In Gold As LBMA & COMEX Collapsing

Saturday, May 11, 2013
By Paul Martin
May 10, 2013

Today whistleblower Andrew Maguire told King World News the perfect storm is brewing in the gold market as the LBMA and COMEX are collapsing. Maguire, who recently appeared in the extraordinary CBC production titled, “The Secret World of Gold,” also spoke with KWN about the disappearance of gold from both of those exchanges. Below is what Maguire had to say in part II of his remarkable written interview series which will be released today.

Maguire: “One thing is certain today, the bullion banks are on the long side of all of this selling. We are seeing cracks appearing in the fractional reserve LBMA and COMEX price setting mechanisms. It’s really thanks to the most recent paper market discount that we are evidencing this accelerated migration of bullion from the West to the East.

The more obvious this becomes, the more it exposes these bullion banks as holding real naked shorts that are absolutely undeliverable fractional reserve bullion positions….

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