The Launch Of Obamacare Is Shaping Up To Be A Trainwreck

Friday, May 10, 2013
By Paul Martin

Brett LoGiurato
May 10 2013

A lack of insurer competition and significant delays in Obamacare’s key feature of the system of insurance exchanges are going to seriously hamper the programs chance at success.

Even some of the most ardent supporters of President Barack Obama’s signature health care law are beginning to worry that the system of insurance exchanges will end up causing more problems than it solves.

The heart of the problem lies in the state insurance exchanges set up to ensure that Americans who cannot get health insurance from employers and who do not qualify for Medicaid a chance to get coverage.

New state health insurance exchanges are set to open beginning Oct. 1, when millions of Americans who have no employer-based coverage and cannot afford health insurance on their own are expected to enroll. According to various studies, about 26 million Americans will likely be eligible to sign up on the exchanges.

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