Hathaway – The Physical Gold Market Is On Fire Right Now

Thursday, May 9, 2013
By Paul Martin

May 9, 2013

With continued uncertainty in the gold and silver markets, today John Hathaway told King World News that the physical market for gold is on fire. Hathaway also told KWN that large numbers of orders for physical gold are experiencing delays. Hathaway, of Tocqueville Asset Management L.P., is one of the most respected institutional minds in the world today regarding gold, and his fund was awarded a coveted 5-star rating.

Eric King: “John, what are you hearing about the physical market for gold?”

Hathaway: “Well, it’s just gangbusters. You hear about shortages of coins. Sometimes that can be attributable to the mints not having enough equipment. Bars, the same thing. I read recently that more than half of the gold which has been ordered has been on a delayed delivery of some sort.

Everything I get confirms the activity is overwhelmingly on the buy side….

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