Police in Springfield, Mass. adopt Iraq-style ‘counterinsurgency’ tactics

Monday, May 6, 2013
By Paul Martin

By Stephen C. Webster
Sunday, May 5, 2013

Police in Springfield, Massachusetts have adopted Iraq-style “counterinsurgency” tactics and are applying them to gang busting with amazing results, according to Sunday’s episode of “60 Minutes.”

Before you get freaked out, don’t worry: Springfield police are not walling off whole blocks, setting up militarized checkpoints and jumping out of helicopters with bazookas. What they are doing is something that’s been sorely missing from American policing in recent decades: community building.

Retired Marine Corps officer R. Scott Moore summarized counterinsurgency strategy as the combination of “actions, structures and beliefs to resolve root causes” of a conflict. As such, U.S. counterinsurgency strategy in Iraq focused on keeping militants at bay while creating stable space for a community to come together and begin resolving issues that create violence.

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