Barack Obama Declares Conservatives Anti-American

Monday, May 6, 2013
By Paul Martin
May 6, 2013

In perhaps his most hyper-partisan and unpresidential speech since he first became president over five years ago, Barack Obama declared to an audience at Ohio State University that Republicans view the U.S. political system as a “sham”. He went on to offer up a conficting, and at times, outright odd depiction of all those who oppose his own views on what America is – and isn’t, and told those there that in essence, being an American citizen is opposing those who oppose him.

Obama: Republicans Think U.S. System “a Sham”

Obama, who spoke at the Ohio State University commencement, vowed “I’m not going to get partisan” – and then launched into one of the most partisan fusillades of his presidency, caricaturing conservative thought and beseeching the students to “reject these voices”:

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