The Eight Unfolding Stages of the Great American Genocide (Part 4)

Sunday, May 5, 2013
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
May 5, 2013

Parts one, Part two and Part three of this series examined the first six stages of an eight stage paradigm which historically leads to genocide. The framework used for the analysis was based upon a paper written by Greg Stanton which was presented as a briefing paper for the State Department in 1996 in which he postulated that genocide progresses through eight states. The fundamental research question posed by this multi-part series “Is the United States preparing for a mass genocide against selected segments of its population?”

Unfortunately, and most disturbingly, the United States fully meets the criteria for the first six stages of the eight stages.

The fourth part of this series examines the seventh and the eighth stages in this paradigm, namely, extermination and denial.

Stage Seven: Extermination

The good news is that mass exterminations of American citizens is not being overtly carried out by the present administration. I know that many people will say that the genocide has already begun and they will undoubtedly bring up the subjects of Chemtrails, GMO’s, Fluoride, etc. I am not denying that these variables and several others are not having a deleterious impact on human health. However, the only topic under investigation in this series is the question of mass murder being carried out by government sponsored entities against selected elements of the population.

The good news is that there are no exterminations taking place on American soil. Iraqi’s and Afghans are not so lucky, but on the surface, life appears normal to most Americans. However, the first three parts of this series lifted the covers off the bed and it is clear that our country is on a train which is gaining momentum, having passed six stages on the way to genocide. The trains next stop is unquestionably extermination unless the American people can launch an amazing rally and take back the country. However, at this point, it would probably take a civil war and America has become such a nation of sissy’s that it does not have the collective guts to rise up and fight back because most of us still have food on our collective tables. Meanwhile as the train to genocide gains momentum,the next stop is undoubtedly extermination.

What Will the Extermination Look Like?

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