10 Indicators of Fascism

Saturday, May 4, 2013
By Paul Martin

Just How Fascist Is the US?

by Jack D. Douglas
May 4, 2013

My fascistograph index would rank the following as the vital, core factors and roots of fascism in a society, from the most important powers at the top down.

1. A hardcore, totalitarian party masquerading as the people’s party, but secretly working totally with the rich and powerful corporations, uniting them under the party. [Fascism, unlike communism and other forms of socialism and so on, is above all a corporatist form of totalitarianism.]

2. Stroking mass vanity with big lies – “Germany over all,” “America is the greatest nation in the world.” And mass greed and lust for power with utopian promises of free money and endless prosperity and great conquests over nature and nations

3. Infiltration secretly by the party of all major institutions at the top by secret take-overs, threats, bribes, co-optation, etc.

4. Secret media content control in many ways by the ruler[s]

5. Imperial powers, party powers, the ruler principle

6. Massive, powerful secret police under direct control of the ruler[s], spying, black ops,

7. Secretly taking over the traditional laws and institutions, hollowing them out and refilling the empty forms with fascist ideology

8. Filling the government secretly with party hacks and puppets from top to bottom

9. Politically correct education and mass-mind training from early age [pre-school onward]

10. Foreigners, racial or religious or party groups or others used as “evil and secret witches” to stoke terror and blood lust for wars, used as threats and as conquests to fuel vanity and hubris. [Germany and the US. Used the “communists” as witches to inspire terror and hate and blood lust in their early rise to power, then used religious-race groups, foreign enemies, drug fiends destroying the nation, etc.]

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