False flag terror tricks freedom’s death sentence

Friday, May 3, 2013
By Paul Martin

False flag terror tricks
freedom’s death sentence

By John Kaminski
May 3 2013

Ten years ago the sequence of U.S. government false flag terror events included Waco, Oklahoma City, and 9/11 — three tragic massacres whose explanations never matched the suppressed forensic truth, because they were engineered and executed by secret government agents and blamed on designated patsies as an excuse to create new totalitarian terror laws that have significantly darkened the light of freedom in America and around the world.

Today, the latest trio of contrived government-created disasters are known as Aurora, Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon massacre — in which fictitious victims, dubious perpetrators and police deceptions have brought America to the precipice of unrestrained totalitarianism, where the law is what the people lying to you say it is, and you no longer have any chance to defend yourself in a court of what used to be called the law.

All these staged events are aimed at making it a criminal offense to criticize the government in any way.

Astute observers of these preplanned deceptions have warned for decades that if the cynical perpetrators of these devastating events were not identified and stopped, then things would only continue to get worse. And now they are about to descend into a twisted nightmare in which the innocent are guilty and the people initiating these fabricated terror events will, according to law, be able to shut you up and take your life without any evidence at all.

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