Alert: Atropine Shortage Indicates Powers That Be Are Stock Piling For Chemicals Weapons Attack On The U.S.

Monday, April 29, 2013
By Paul Martin
Apr 29, 2013

Steve, Here is what I was telling you about the shortage of atropine with the airlines. We have to carry it on board for emergency use but as you see there is a mysterious worldwide shortage of it. Of course we both know atropine is the primary treatment for various nerve agents that are in stock for wartime use. So we have antibiotic shortages, ammo shortages, firearms shortages, gold and silver shortages, food shortages and now atropine shortages. This all points to a very bad conclusion. Something wicked this way comes and soon I would bet. Feel free to share this info.
As always God Bless you and yours,
Your aviating friend, Dave

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