The USD Reserve Exodus Continues – Australia Diversifies Reserves Into China

Wednesday, April 24, 2013
By Paul Martin

by Tyler Durden

As we have discussed numerous times over the past year, there is a quiet movement among the world’s central banks to diversify their reserves away from the pejorative USD. Whether it is direct trade linkages, hording physical precious metals, or simply buying foreign sovereign debt, there is a trend emerging. The latest defection, as BusinessWeek reports, is Australia’s plan to invest about 5% of foreign currency reserves in China. The decision “represents the first time that the RBA will have invested directly in a sovereign bond market of an Asian country other than Japan,” the country’s deputy governor noted, adding that this step was an “important milestone” to “stronger financial linkages” leaving Australia “better positioned to benefit from the shift in global economic growth towards Asia.” Of course, palling up to its closest trade partner is a big driver, but in a somewhat barbed comment on the strength of the AUD, Lowe noted, “quantitative easing that has taken place in a number of countries is having a significant effect on exchange rates of freely floating currencies… which is clearly making for difficult conditions in certain parts of the Australian economy.”

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