Global Systemic Economic Crisis: Financial Warfare and the World of Politics

Saturday, April 20, 2013
By Paul Martin

Global Systemic Economic Crisis: The economic-political world versus financial banking interests

By Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin (GEAB)
Global Research
April 19, 2013


After the deadline for this GEAB number last Saturday evening, our team has closely watched the unusual coincidence of all the market indicators’ collapsing: European, American and Asian stock exchanges, raw materials… and even and especially gold. Unfortunately we don’t have time to expand on this event but, anyway, we interpret it in line with everything we have written in this number. But where this number describes things still rather calmly, as still to come, we wonder whether these premises are not those of the collapse which we anticipated for the March to June 2013 period. Western austerity (American sequestration + the treatment of European austerity) which Chinese growth has ended up feeling with these poor numbers announced today has caused price collapse in raw materials and stock exchanges which involves a fall in banking assets, obliging the banks to close out their positions urgently to gain liquidity.

There is a clearance sale of paper gold which is leading the dance. The phenomenon is all the more remarkable as, if it were a normal speculative process, falls in one market would benefit another. We are probably at the beginning of a panic in which all speculative positions are sold off. If a 2008 style collapse is really taking place, the question is: where will the trillions which were caught up in-extremis in the financial system in 2009 come from?

Depending on the method of political anticipation, dating the cracks is carried out by identifying the high-risk periods during which the slightest spark lights the powder-keg.

The current period is a typical example where an impressive number of explosive factors are combining: new financial bubbles inflated by massive injections of public money, worldwide geopolitical instability, currency wars, the beginning of the political war against “financial terrorism”, political crisis in Europe, massive unemployment and a damaged real economy, not counting of course public debt which is at its highest.

It’s such a concurrence of factors that it raises the miracle that this situation carries on. We analyzed the reasons in the GEAB n°71, in particular the shared interest in keeping the United States on artificial respiration and the central banks’ disproportionate generosity. This last aspect has moved up a level with the Bank of Japan’s policy which this time, far from reducing the level of risk, on the contrary has amplified it as we explain below, and is an example of the headlong flight which serves as current policy for certain countries lacking solutions and which the GEAB readers know well: Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States.

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