The World Is Being Prepared For A Deluge Of Negative News That Will Coincide With A Controlled Demolition Of The Financial System

Wednesday, April 17, 2013
By Paul Martin
April 16th, 2013

All the events recently, Cyprus, Japan QE, Germany calling for Lisbon treaty changes, Korea and now Boston Marathon bombing all connected. The world is being prepared for a deluge of negative news that will coincide with a controlled demolition of the financial system. In the end THE GOVERNMENT WILL CONTROL AND OWN ALL OR MOST OF THE FINANCIAL SYSTEM. PUBLIC TRADED BANKS WILL BE A THING OF THE PAST. ENTER MAJORITY GOVERNMENT OWNED, MINORITY PUBLIC TRADED QUASI PRIVATE/PUBLIC INVESTMENT.

The market will be a former shell of itself when they are all done. Only the most stable and cash rich/debt free companies in the world will maintain fully listed public companies. It will be like seeing AIG’s, and Fannie and Freddie’s trade everywhere. SOE and GSEs will become common in the marketplace as we get use to government paying the bill to consolidate the entire Financial System. You the tax payer will pay through the endless crises and bailouts and social security will be used to fund the stop gap between the public and private finances.

In the end Government will be massive, bloated, indebted beyond belief, increasingly paranoid super tech police state, that will print money to finance whatever the fuck it wants. All while privatizing profits in the most profitable industries in the world and saying how some capitalist companies are really shinning examples of how it works. Except these people will own the companies that will be the private side of the private/public partnership in the Banks/Investment Banks/Insurance Giants. Assets will be chopped and sold down the block until a major player with enough cash and assets can absorb the punch.

To make matters even more complicated Holdings companies that own private ownership side in banks may begin to buy and merge Tech, biotech, nano-tech with defense industry, oil and gas companies, alternative energy companies will start to merge as an no holds bar match breaks out among the top industry giants to preserve the most valuable assets in the world because cash will be in a crises. It will become a rush to make as much as cash possible in the quickest time frame and in turn transfer that to liquid stable assets as the market literally falls apart sector by sector by industry until entire portions of multinationals are being eviscerated by deflation.

The response will be to endlessly inflate while propping up those companies able to absorb the deflating assets. This all while having a massive tech boom and a hopelessly more indebted, overworked, heavily taxed citizen spends more and more money to just meet the bills every month and put food on the table.

We will have a homeless, the super poor, then poor, then not so poor class of over 65%. While 20% is just meeting middle class living standards making 50 to 100 k a year…about another 10% for those making say 100 k to 250k, 4% making 250k plus. and .98% making million plus and 0.01% owning 80 % of everything globally. That is in dollar amounts today. in 5 years time those numbers may be 5 – 25% higher in terms of average income so for those making 100 gs in 2013 are making 125k in 2018 on the top end….except LOL prices for most essentials will have doubled if not tippled and some commodities will be a damn luxury to use, like oil and gas.

After about 2018 everything will be so consolidated and scripted that the prices of things will level out to make the population think some sense of reality we use to know has been restored and hope will blossom. Only difference is now they own the entire global system. You think the elite have power now, wait 5 years when we have little drones flying around the size of RC helicopters that literally can fill you full of bullets on the spot.



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