How close are we to a totalitarian state? Closer than you THINK

Sunday, April 14, 2013
By Paul Martin

by Neil Stranman
April 12, 2013

A new facility is set to open shortly. It is called the Utah Data Center. A former NSA whistle blower has said that the U S is only a step away from a total survallance state.. He went on to say that we are only a simple turn key away from a TOTALITARIAN STATE if the wrong person is in the highest office in the land. Officials were asked about the possible intrusion and gathering of information on private citizens.The answer was, and this is just wonderful, that their rules are top secret and that they will not do that but we have to believe them because they will not tell us what they are doing.Since this data center has the ability and storage, aka memory banks, to store everything on the inter-net and all cell phone calls as well as land line calls and any other source of information.This is one scary place.

And who is in the highest office of the land? You got it, Mr Obummer himself. The guy who flat out said that he wanted to change our country as it is and make it the type of country his father wanted. Now we know that his father was not only a communist but he was a radical communist.

GOD help us all when this place opens. And it is set to open.

Good bye to the USA and hello USSA. The greatest country ever being destroyed from within because of obummer, the democRATS, and the millions of people on the freebie list who have no idea of what will really happen because they voted obummer back into office.I will tell these people a thing about communism. In a communist state everybody works or goes to jail. They certainly do not believe in the rights of the individual. Have fun in commy land.

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