The Lack of Moral Authority the US Government Has Pushing for Gun Control.

Saturday, April 13, 2013
By Paul Martin
April 13, 2013

Regardless of the propaganda in the news these days on gun control. The gun culture is winning. More people are being armed than are being confiscated. The mantra of this is for the children or we need to stop gun violence has no credibility anymore. The mass shootings where children have been murdered where in gun free zones and the places with the most gun violence is in cities where the people are disarmed by city ordinance .

While the Senate Democrats are looking for every underhanded way to pass gun control with the talk of mental illness as an excuse to disarm the people. The hypocrisy of gun control is now over the top and now it is time to call it out.

Now since the UN Small arms treaty now has passed and now has to be ratified by two thirds of the US Senate. This treaty if ratified, the objective is to disarm the American people. We hear this treaty only is about arms going across international borders. We find out different if we read the fine print in the final draft.

Why under this UN Small Arms trade treaty if ratified. We are mandated to register our guns. On the other hand Obama is shipping and arming the Mexican drug cartels and mercenary forces in Syria, and Libya. The United Nations have been covering up for Obama shipping arms to rebels worldwide.

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