Hang Em High for Treason!

Sunday, April 7, 2013
By Paul Martin

It is time to build a gallows, and restore freedom and lawful leadership to this country.

by Keith Howe
April 6, 2013

Public Officials seem to think that they have become prison wardens, and citizens are their prisoners. It is far past time that we reel them in, clip their feathers, and put them in their place. For many of them, that place would be prison!

Upon taking public office, officials must swear an Oath on the Holy Bible to defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States, not the United Nations.

These traitors are breaking that oath in record numbers, and should be held criminally accountable. The penalty for breaking that oath should be no less than the penalty for perjury, for that is exactly what they have done in retrospect. Actually, the penalty should include treason against the United States and the Constitution, because this crime is against both, as well as “we, the people”.

All Bible believing Christians should pray for God to rebuke these liars and traitors, who have violated their solemn oaths with their right hand on His Bible, unless they repent immediately. May God bring them to total ruin in all their affairs, for He has warned them not to make an oath lightly, because He will hold them accountable for that oath! (James 5:12)

These traitors have robbed and bankrupted the United States and Wall Street. They have formulated false flag wars on terror and are war criminals for the multiple, illegal, invasions/occupations they have condoned around the world. They have systematically dismembered the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and are preparing a domestic army (Department of Homeland Security, aka Shutzstaffel, or S.S.) to murder, overthrow, and enslave the American people. They have purchased billions of rounds of hollow point ammunition, and thousands of armored personnel carriers, set up on concentration camps, and prepared vast amounts of multi-person coffins in planning to accomplish this treason.

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