Nigel Farage – Major European Bank Runs Now Taking Place

Monday, March 25, 2013
By Paul Martin
March 25, 2013

Today Nigel Farage told King World News that what they have done in Cyprus has now sparked major banks runs in Europe. Farage, who is Britain’s popular MEP, also stated, “Even people like me who have spent many long years warning that things are out of control are really, really scared by the events of the past few days.” Below is what Farage had to say in this extraordinary and exclusive interview:

Eric King: “The Cyprus deal that’s been brokered here, your thoughts in the aftermath of that?”

Farage: “Clearly the little man (under 100,000 euro deposits) has gotten off of the hook for the moment. They were quite prepared to break their own deposit guarantee scheme initially, but they have now gone for a much, much more spectacular coupe in terms of the amount of money they are going to steal from big companies, and from bigger savers (deposits over 100,000 euros)….

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